Bebops Donuts (6 Pack)

Bebops Donuts (6 Pack)

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Bebops Donuts are a 5th generation recipe! Yeast-based, golden brown German donuts traditionally called "fosnots." Enjoy sweet or savory.

Made with 8 Whole Ingredients - flour, milk, vegetable shortening, eggs, yeast, sugar, salt, potatoes - in small-batch quantities each week.

Absolutely No Preservatives!

Flavor pack info:

  • Powdered Sugar - the "OG" topping from our friends at Domino Sugar
  • Maple Sugar - the favorite of many from Mount Mansfield in Vermont
  • Melting Chocolate - the made to melt chocolate from Wilton

Bag to shake your sugar included. Microwave to melt your chocolate is not ;)

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