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What is Bebops Donuts?

Bebops Donuts is a family business bringing to market the ultimate donut experience, based on a family recipe that is over 5 generations old. Our donuts keep in the freezer, allowing us to avoid nasty preservatives and stick to just 8 whole, clean ingredients. When the craving hits, preheat the oven or plug in the toaster and enjoy a fresh, warm donut in the comfort of your own home - whether savory or sweet! At Bebops we’re on a mission to deliver joy to people young and old, and we’re just getting started.  A world without donuts is a sad, not-so-fun world… wouldn’t you agree?

What’s the history behind Bebops Donuts?

Every year on Fat Tuesday grandmother Beck and her three sisters gathered together to make homemade “fosnots” or yeast-based German donuts. The two day process was a family favorite and an epic competition as to whether Peg and Dolly’s or Helen and Booboo’s batch was better. This tradition goes back generations, our family donut pan has a plaque on the handle that reads “The New Fryer 1871”. And while we’ve advanced far beyond the innovations of that old fryer, our recipe has remained the same. Our friends and family still wait with anticipation for our donuts. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have and we encourage you to get creative and most importantly, have some fun!

Wait, what’s a “fosnot”?

Bebops Donuts are technically fosnots! A fosnot, or fastnacht, is a yeast-based donut of German origin. Traditionally they are eaten plain or shaken in powdered sugar, but we highly encourage you to get creative with your Bebop’s.The word fastnacht originates from the German words "fast", which means "to fast", and "nacht", meaning night, indicating the eve of the traditional fasting period observed by religious denominations in the region. Fosnots, like all donuts, are great for breakfast, but play well as a dessert, or anytime snack, really.

Remember — Fosnots are donuts, but not all donuts are fosnots.

What are the instructions for eating Bebops Donuts at home?

Preheat oven to: 375° F (if frozen) or 325° F (if defrosted).

Carefully place donuts directly on oven rack. Bake for 5-6 minutes.

Add powdered sugar to brown paper bag. Never plastic!

Carefully remove your donuts from the oven (they should be hot to the touch), pop in sugar and shake!

What is the best way to store Bebops Donuts?

Bebops are best kept stored in your freezer for freshness. They should be eaten within 6-8 weeks.

What flavors do Bebops Donuts come in?

Traditionally, Bebops Donuts are served fresh out of the oven plain or shaken in powdered sugar. We've since introduced maple sugar (and some say it just might be better than powdered) from Mansfield Organic Maple Sugar farms in Vermont, as well as melting chocolate from Wilton. But we wouldn’t say that Bebops Donuts come in flavors per se. We’re reimagining the donut with your help! We’ve had donut lovers rave about PB&J Bebops, Bebops dipped in honey, with a bowl of ice cream, or even as bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich. 

What ingredients are in Bebops Donuts?

8 ingredients - that’s it. Flour, milk (organic), vegetable shortening (organic), eggs (organic), yeast, sugar, salt, potatoes (yes, taters, you read that right and they're organic, too!).


You use vegetable shortening - what type, and how much is used?

To avoid hydrogenated oils and high trans fat content we use organic vegetable shortening, usually Spectrum Organic All Vegetable Shortening. 2.5 cups are used in a batch of donuts (approx. 120 donuts). 


Are the donuts fried or baked?

Bebops Donuts are fried as per our family recipe and long standing tradition. We use canola oil and usually run 2-3 batches per load of oil, which is around 2 hours of frying, max.